About Ellen

Finding a perPastedGraphic-1son that will work hard in today’s world is like finding a needle in a haystack. Ellen has been told time again that she is the hardest working agent in Real Estate, and has had to break down barriers to prove that she isn’t just another “agent” sticking a sign in the ground in hopes that another agent will bring a buyer. When moving to St. George, UT from San Diego, CA, Ellen was told she would have difficulty in becoming successful in such a small town where everybody knows one another. One thing you don’t tell Ellen is that she can’t do something because that’s when she will become determined not just to do it, but to do it well. Ellen has stayed in the top 1% in sales in the Washington County Board since joining over 10 yrs ago.

Ellen’s accomplishments are from giving 110% in everything she does. She started golfing and went from a 36 handicap to a 16 in one year (and then to a 9 handicap), was a 4.0 tennis player and now enjoys playing pickle ball (yes she is getting older). Her husband, Doug Klein, is also in the real estate business focusing on commercial and loves to golf and read. Ellen’s son, Ryan, is 16 yrs old and loves to play his guitar, golf and make his mom proud. Ellen’s credentials speak for themselves as “awards” are not an important part of her life. Ellen loves to give back to her community and to those around her that are in need. Making a difference to those in need is the greatest “award” for her.

Ellen is known as a “Tenacious Negotiator,” which is to say that the Real Estate business is absolutely not for the timid or the fainthearted. No two houses are identical, so if you see the home you and your spouse are ready to start a family in, hesitation and procrastination are not an option. It’s rumored that, when eating her lunch, Ellen has a fork in one hand and an iPhone in the other; point being no e-mail, text, or phone call goes unread or unanswered.

Real Estate is a “People Business” so unless you really enjoy talking in person and on the phone with dozens of people every day, this is not the career for you. When Ellen started her career over 10 years ago, the attraction wasn’t “money” per se, it was the thought of recreating the energy she had initially enjoyed in advertising. She really enjoyed meeting new people and creating ads, talking with people on the phone responding to her creativeness. Ellen discovered that she had a natural predilection for working with people on such a close basis, that’s why real estate was such an easy transition.

We’re not always lucky enough in life to find the perfect career that complements and enhances our personality and character, but there is truly no other career that Ellen could have embraced that would have utilized all of her skills and talents she has been blessed with. With Real Estate, Ellen isn’t working hard for some faceless corporation, she’s working for real people that she can talk to, laugh with and share the joy of happiness when they finally move into their Dream Home. There is no greater job, “NO” greater Realtor.

I feel strongly that I owe my success as a Realtor® to the clients, past and present, who trust me and have confidence that I will protect their interests.   Choosing an agent to represent you is one of the most important financial decisions you can make.  Call or email me for information on real estate in the St. George area.

Ellen Plante-Klein, Owner, Plante & Associates

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